Your members earn points without spending a cent

Your members earn points without spending a cent

Increases frequency of point redemption

Increases frequency of point redemption

More engaged members

More engaged members

  • Member engagement tool

    Member engagement tool

    Members can now engage with your program without spending a cent

  • Increased point redemption

    Increased point redemption

    Unlockd keeps the loyalty point ecosystem healthy by increasing frequency of polnt redemption

  • Increased ARPU

    Increased ARPU

    See your ARPUs skyrocket thanks to this entirely new revenue stream

  • Your own media platform

    Your own media platform

    With above market CTRs, our platform is the perfect place to advertise to an engaged audience

How Unlockd Loyalty Works

Unlockd is an enterprise grade mobile platform that rewards your members when they unlock their smartphone and view targeted ads, content or offers.
Here’s how they experience it:

sign up

Loyalty program member opts in and downloads the free, white label app.

choose interests

User selects interests to ensure relevant ads appear.

unlock phone

User unlocks their phone as they normally would.

view ads

User unlocks device and views targeted ads, offers or curated content throughout the month.

earn more

Users have an option to earn more rewards by viewing videos, downloading third-party apps, taking surveys and other in-app activities.

everyone benefits

Users get rewarded with value in the form of loyalty points. And you get a brand new member engagement tool, new revenue stream and happy customers!

Recent Campaigns

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