Unlockd is creating value from the moments people spend on their digital devices

About Us

We knew people were spending more and more time on their digital devices. But there was a very specific moment in the mobile journey that was more valuable than the others –  the “unlock” moment – the most engaged point in the mobile journey.  This under utilised real estate, combined with proof that consumers were ready to be rewarded for viewing ads and content on their mobile devices was all we needed.

The opportunity was clear and we set to work pioneering proprietary technology and a new business model that would reshape the digital landscape forever.

Now we’re changing the way people use and pay with their digital devices, presenting our partners with a robust new value added platform whilst offering advertisers and publishers a dynamic new media channel.

So how does it work?  Our white label app serves users relevant ads, content or offers upon unlocking their smartphone, users then collect points to redeem on things like mobile credit, mobile data, premium entertainment content or loyalty points.

It’s not only the consumer who benefits from this value exchange. Unlockd’s unique win-win-win model means partners, whether they be telcos, streaming services or loyalty programs, solve challenges like customer retention and acquisition while driving new revenue streams and increasing ARPU.

Major content and advertising partners including Twitter, Yahoo, MoPub and high profile brands such as McDonalds, British Airways, Doritos and Uber, receive first access to consumers at their most engaged digital moment. We provide the opportunity to deliver the right content at the right moment, resulting in market leading engagement and click through rates.

About Us

Our Mission

We aim to create genuine value from moments spent on digital devices.

It’s the first moment we capture because we know some are more important than others.

Our goal is to convert those moments into tangible value for the benefit of mobile users around the globe, and our mission is to return $500m in Unlockd value to the community by 2025.

Unlockd value means more fun money for families. More special treats for loved ones. More call credits or data to stay in touch with family and friends. More access to unique experiences and content that excite the senses.

Eighteen months in and we have already given back over $10m in Unlockd value. And it’s increasing every day. In fact, right now, Unlockd has just helped someone make the most of a digital moment.

"Unlockd being a purpose led business is something I always envisioned. Our mission of giving back $500m in Unlockd value by 2025 is intended not only to add value to the global community but enrich the lives of our team, giving them a strong sense of purpose in what they do at work each day."

– Matt Berriman - Co-Founder & Executive Director

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