When a consumer unlocks their digital device...

Capture the moment to engage and inspire.

Seize the opportunity to reward and retain.

Welcome to a new mobile world.

How Unlockd Works

Unlockd is an enterprise mobile platform that rewards consumers when they unlock their mobile phone and view targeted ads, content or offers.
Here’s how users experience it

1 step1


Consumer opts in and downloads the free app via their service provider

2 step2


Consumer unlocks mobile device and views targeted ads, offers or curated content. Full screen, geo-targeted, relevant to interests and preferences

3 step3


Consumer is rewarded each month with Unlockd value in the form of mobile credit, music streaming, movies, loyalty points or other rewards

Unlockd Loyalty provides a platform for loyalty programs to solve challenges like member engagement & increased frequency of point redemption, helping contribute to the health of the broader loyalty program ecosystem.

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For forward thinking mobile operators, Unlockd Connect equates to new & loyal customers and untapped revenue streams. For advertisers and news publishers it means first access to engaged, opted-in consumers.

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Unlockd Stream is the ultimate ad and content funded platform for premium subscription content providers.

The first and only model that rewards with an uninterrupted listening and viewing consumer experience. A user-centric way to engage, retain and reward value-driven consumers.

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Enrich your knowledge of behavioural, geospatial and mobile usage patterns with Unlockd data.

Explore new insights into spend patterns, purchase behavior, engagement metrics, campaign performance and more.

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